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Guiding You Down the Yellow Brick Road… A&T Style!

February is almost over already? Can you believe it? The Abstract & Title crew has been hard at work since the calendar flipped, and we thought it would be great to pull back the curtain and reveal all the inner workings of the hearts, smarts and courage it takes to get buyers back home.

Just like the Wizard of Oz, the men and women of our group aren’t all powerful, but one of our biggest strengths is teamwork. Whether you are an agent, buyer, seller or lender, we understand that “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is as close as our eight locations in Central Indiana, and we want to close each transaction effectively and efficiently to get you easing on down the road.

So…let’s get started on our journey. (Thankfully, there is no tornado in this version.)

  • We conduct the title search. Searching through records is what we do. We ensure the property is clear and free of liens, judgments and unpaid taxes so it can be transferred without any flying monkeys. (See what we did there?)

  • We order the SLR. When the purchase agreement requires a survey location report, we take care of ordering it and reviewing for encroachments.

  • We put together a title report. These documents let you know the results of the search and survey, in addition to any issues that need to be cleared up before you take ownership.

  • We issue title insurance. Title insurance protects the new owner from any future claims or issues that may turn up concerning their property.

  • We facilitate your closing! We can’t wait to celebrate this part with you. We don’t literally represent the Lollipop Guild, but it will be as much fun as a parade down the Yellow Brick Road.

So, regardless of your title needs, we have the map to show you the way from start to finish! Just like Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home,” we say, “There’s no place like Abstract & Title for your closing!” Contact us today!

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