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January 2024 was an EXCITING month at Abstract & Title…Part One!


Congratulations, Amy

At the Leadership Hendricks County Annual Meeting on January 25th, Amy Comer Elliott received one of the most prestigious awards and honors when she was named 2024’s Leader of the Year!
The Leader of the Year award is given to an individual whose leadership has had consistent, profound, positive impacts on the quality of life in Hendricks County and the strength of our communities. This isn’t just a year of goodness but a career as a community leader.

According to Julie Randall, the Executive Director of Family Promise of Hendricks County, “Amy has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the betterment of Hendricks County with exceptional leadership and has profoundly impacted the community. Throughout her life, she has consistently exhibited a unique understanding of our community’s needs and has effectively used her influence to bring about systemic reforms. Her dedication to Hendricks County is evident in her myriad contributions throughout the community.”


Amy’s list of accomplishments include:

  • Currently serving on the Hendricks Regional Health Foundation Board of Directors, working to improve healthcare services and accessibility
  • Currently on the Hendricks County Community Foundation Board, working to enhance the quality of life for our county
  • She is the founder of Sports for All Kids (25 years ago), which enabled hundreds of children in our community to have the opportunity to learn about teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. Continuing down this path, she is the driving force behind the Danville Backpack program, ensuring children with food insecurity have food on the weekends and over breaks. She was integral to the success of Family Promise of Hendricks County in our work to end and prevent homelessness.
  • She served on the Danville School Board, dipping in and then dipping out of local politics.
  • Her dedication to pro bono legal services has further strengthened the legal framework within Hendricks County and transformed countless lives.
  • She is an active member of the Danville Rotary
  • She is a 1995 graduate of Leadership Hendricks County

In Julie’s award presentation speech, she had this to say about Amy:

“Her compassion knows no bounds – she consistently goes out of her way to help any person in need, embodying the true spirit of community service. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a keen ability to identify opportunities for positive change. She fearlessly challenges established norms and has been a catalyst for transformation, bringing about improvements that will leave a lasting legacy in Hendricks County. She has moved our community forward. What sets her apart is not only her impressive list of community involvements but the depth of her commitment. She is more than a leader; she is a dedicated advocate for the success of our community. Her ability to inspire, guide and create opportunities has played a pivotal role in the achievements of numerous individuals, myself included, and our entire community.

Recognizing Amy Comer Elliott as the 2024 Leader of the Year is not just a fitting acknowledgment of her contribution but a celebration of her ongoing positive impact on the lives of those fortunate enough to work alongside her. Her humility, passion and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others sets a standard that elevates our community and inspires us all.”

Amy, you are a TRUE leader in our community, and we are extremely grateful and honored to work with you!

We would also like to share about some other outstanding award winners at the LHC Annual Meeting. Yvonne Culpepper, retired COO from Hendricks Regional Health, received the Suzanne Whicker Distinguished Service Award and Colton McClure, a junior from Plainfield High School, Youth Leader of the Year. Congratulations to all these exceptional leaders!!

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